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I’ll love you more tomorrow than today. ♫
These overflowing emotions won’t stop.
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31st-Dec-2020 01:54 pm - Heeeeeeey!


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28th-May-2011 10:30 pm - muse list
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19th-Aug-2010 04:42 pm(no subject)
Because I remembered how to do this and other people wanted to know how to do it too. THIS IS ON WINDOWS VISTA, BY THE WAY. I don't think it's too different for other versions of windows, though?

    - Go to your control panel
    - Click on the personalization icon
    - Go to sounds
    - When that window opens, go over to the sounds tab if it isn't already there
    - The sounds you want to change are 'device connect' and 'device disconnect'
    - Click browse, change it to the sound you want! Test it to make sure.
    - Apply the changes and then you should be good to go!

Joker Memory and Cyclone Memory.

ENJOY. Your computer should now sound like you're putting GaiaMemories in when you put anything in the USB ports and take it out.
18th-Aug-2010 07:10 pm(no subject)
... I don't really have much to say right now! Because life hasn't really been that entertaining outside of watching stuff and having the sudden weather change kick my ass. :|

However, after messing around with gdocs today after editing my campfuckudie app, I have discovered a way to revert it back to its old style rather than the new one that looks like word.

    → Go to the top bar with "email -> settings (drop down) -> help -> sign out"
    → Click on settings, go to document settings
    →Switch to the editing tab when there
    →Unclick "Create new text documents using the latest version of the document editor."

AND VOILA, the next document you open should be back to the old style.

EDIT; THIS DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE because there have been a lot of changes to gdocs since I typed this thing up.
30th-May-2010 09:16 pm - Another icon tutorial for invader!
This time for tutorials, I'm gonna focus more on anime. The general things I use are the same, but I do things... a little differently, I guess? Anyway, this is how I make an anime icon. This time we're gonna use Tieria.


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30th-May-2010 02:24 pm - Icon tutorial for invader.

This is how I typically make an icon for RP purposes! It's not very complicated, but I like the coloring that I've finally settled on using for live action stuff for the time being. :Db

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